Workshop program

Time Speaker Title
09:00 09:15 Intro Moritz Tenorth
09:15 09:50 Invited talk Federico Pecora AI and Robotics: Lessons learned from the RACE project (slides)
09:50 10:10 Contributed paper Lars Kunze and Nick Hawes Indirect Object Search based on Qualitative Spatial Relations (paper, slides)
10:10 10:30 Contributed paper Masoumeh Mansouri and Federico Pecora A Representation for Spatial Reasoning in Robotic Planning (paper, slides)
10:30 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 11:35 Invited talk Minoru Asada Natural Intelligence Based Robotics
11:35 12:10 Invited talk Michael Beetz RoboHow – Web-enabled and Experience-based Cognitive Robots (slides)
12:10 13:20 Lunch break
13:20 13:55 Invited talk Kei Okada Task Planning as the Intelligence of Daily Assistive Robot System
13:55 14:15 Contributed paper Daniel Leidner and Christoph Borst Hybrid Reasoning for Mobile Manipulation based on Object Knowledge (paper, slides)
14:15 14:35 Contributed paper Maj Stenmark and Jacek Malec A Helping Hand: Industrial Robotics, Knowledge and User-Oriented Services (paper,slides)
14:35 14:55 Contributed paper Christian Dornhege, Andreas Hertle and Bernhard Nebel Lazy Evaluation and Subsumption Caching for Search-Based Integrated Task and Motion Planning (paper, slides)
14:55 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 16:05 Invited talk Ashutosh Saxena (slides)
16:05 16:25 Contributed paper L. Riazuelo, M. Tenorth, D. Di Marco, M. Salas, L. Mösenlechner, L. Kunze, M. Beetz, J. D. Tardos, L. Montano and J. M. M. Montiel RoboEarth Web-Enabled and Knowledge-Based Active Perception (paper, slides)
16:25 16:45 Contributed paper Tim Niemueller, Nichola Abdo, Andreas Hertle, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Wolfram Burgard and Bernhard Nebel Towards Deliberative Active Perception using Persistent Memory (paper, slides)
16:45 17:00 Closing remarks