Videos of research in RoboHow

The following videos show results that have been achieved by RoboHow partners as part of the project.

Overview of the RoboHow approach to cognition-enabled robot control

The researchers in the RoboHow project

Proactivity and Role Switching in a Humanoid-Human Transportation Task

Human-Humanoid Joint Haptic Table Carrying Task with Height Stabilization using Vision

Tracking the articulated motion of two strongly interacting hands (CVPR 2012)

RoboHow-related videos

The RoboHow project builds upon prior work on performing complex manipulation tasks, learning from humans, and extracting information from the Internet. Below are related videos of experiments conducted before the project whose results are used and extended in the project.

Making pancakes

Preparing sandwiches and making popcorn

Shopping groceries and cooking sausages

Tracking of a hand interacting with an object by modeling occlusions and physical constraints

Efficient model-based 3D tracking of hand articulations using Kinect