Connecting to the PR2

Please contact Alexis Maldonado (amaldo ←-at–> to get an account on the robot. If you want to make his life easier, send him your desired username and your public ssh key.

The PR2 at the lab is called Raphael (or Ralph).

To connect to the robot, add the following to your /etc/hosts pr2a pr2b

If you will run some software controlling the robot from your laptop, you need to set your ROS_IP correctly. Put this in your ~/.bashrc

export ROS_IP=192.168.100.x

Substitute for your correct IP (check with ifconfig).

Alternatively, give your MAC address and computer name to Alexis to get a fixed IP in the internal network.

Installing software

The PR2 has a very old version of Ubuntu (10.04.4 LTS), so installing the latest software can be tricky. Please contact Alexis if you need any software/libraries installed.

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise on the PR2

We now have a chroot with Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) installed on the PR2. To use it, simply log in to the pr2, and use “start_pre” once to set up your session. Afterwards use the “pre” command to switch into the chroot with the new Ubuntu.

Keep in mind that you might want to have a different workspace for the chroot, as the programs compiled in and out of it link to a different set of libraries.