Control engineering workshop

In conjunction with the RoboHow kick-off meeting, there was a full-day workshop on the different control engineering approaches used by the different partners. It took place on March 12th, at Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany.


9:15 – 9:45:

  • TUM: Introduction to control in RoboHow (slides)

9:45 – 10:35:

  • Nicolas Mansard (CNRS): Fast dynamic stack-of-tasks (slides)
  • François Keith (CNRS): Continuity of the SoT under discrete scheduling operations (slides)

10:50 – 12:20:

  • Joris De Schutter (KUL): Specification, control and estimation / observation of complex robotics tasks (slides)
  • Herman Bruyninckx (KUL): Component-based software framework to support complex robotics tasks (slides for internal use only)

13:45 – 15:25:

  • Noriaki Ando (AIST): Introduction to OpenRTM (slides)
  • Geoffrey Biggs (AIST): OpenRTM technical details for implementation (slides)
  • Kei Okada (AIST): Building Interoperability between OpenRTM and ROS (slides, screencast)

15:40 – 17:20:

  • Sami Haddadin (DLR): The DLR low-level control system
  • Aude Billard (EPFL): How imitation learning can be formulated as a constrained-based optimization problem (slides)
  • Danica Kragic (KTH): Perception and control (slides)
  • Andrea Cherubini (CNRS): Vision-based control of mobile robots (slides)
  • Abderrahmane Kheddar (CNRS): Whole-body optimization-based control (slides)