Aldebaran Robotics

Aldebaran Robotics is a French SME created in July 2005 and based in Paris. In December 2010, the company has 100 fulltime employees. The company conceives, develops, manufactures, and commercializes humanoid robots and corresponding control software. Aldebaran is the world leader of autonomous humanoid robotics. NAO, a 60cm tall, 2-legged first generation robot, is the only European humanoid robot available on the market. NAO was chosen as official platform for the Robocup’s Standard League and became thus the successor of SONY's AIBO. The company has 8 patents in the fields of mechatronics, software architecture and robot control, and has the following technical expertise: mechanical and kinematics design, motor control, electronics and sensors, bus and low level communication protocols, embedded software development, signal processing, image analysis, bi-pedal walking, and motion planning. Aldebaran addresses three market segments: robots for academics and for technophile, robots for entertainment, and personal/assistant robots. In December 2010, Aldebaran had already delivered over 800 robots to academics, and to technophiles.

Within RoboHow, Aldebaran will integrate the development made by the partners on the Romeo platform. For the requirements of the project, Aldebaran will improve the design and the control of the hand of Romeo to make it more dextrous and able to perform the targeted tasks. Aldebaran will also build a prototype of Romeo for the project. Aldebaran will be also involved in dissemination and exploitation tasks.