The researchers in RoboHow explain their work

During the recent RoboHow integration workshop, we used the opportunity that all project partners assembled at one place to record a video and let them explain their work in the project. A major topic of the workshop was the integration of software components developed by different partners in different work packages – both regarding the underlying concepts and regarding the software itself. The video highlights some of the collaborations that are going on and their role in RoboHow.

2013/06/11 14:07 · Moritz Tenorth

IROS 2013 Workshop on AI-based Robotics

The workshop on "AI-based Robotics" at IROS 2013, co-organized by Moritz Tenorth and Michael Beetz, will discuss recent advances in applying AI technology to robotics. In the past years, there has been a strong trend towards using semantic information in robotics, for instance in form of semantic maps, and we believe that having access to AI methods will be crucial for robots to become intelligent co-workers and skilled household assistants.

This topic is also at the core of the RoboHow project, in which mobile manipulation robots are equipped with AI techniques like knowledge representation, plan-based control, learning and reasoning to enable them to learn novel tasks more easily.

More information, including the Call for Papers, can be found on the workshop page.

2013/06/10 14:50 · Moritz Tenorth

ICRA 2013

The RoboHow team is back from a very successful ICRA conference in Karlsruhe. Seven RoboHow-related papers were presented at the conference, in addition to the following highlights:

2013/05/13 16:54 · Moritz Tenorth

RSS 2013 workshop on "Programming with constraints"

RoboHow partners KU Leuven and Uni Bremen are co-organizing a workshop on “Programming with constraints: Combining high-level action specification and low-level motion execution” at the Robotics: Science and Systems conference in Berlin. The workshop aims at discussing problems that emerge in the interplay of high-level action specification and low-level motion execution. A particular focus will be on how constraint-based task description can bridge the gap between these representations, which is also an important research topic in the RoboHow project.

The workshop will take place on June 28, 2013, two-page abstracts for poster presentations are to be submitted before May 10th. More information and the call for papers can be found on the workshop page.

2013/04/23 11:24 · Moritz Tenorth

RoboHow at the euRobotics forum in Lyon

The European Robotics Forum 2013 takes place from March 19th to 21st in Lyon, France. RoboHow will be presented during the ”AI meets Robotics... in Europe!” workshop. This workshop will bring together researchers from several European projects that do research at the intersection of AI and robotics. We are looking forward to fruitful discussions!

2013/03/14 13:59 · Moritz Tenorth

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