This page lists publications created as part of the RoboHow project, as well as a few earlier publications describing relevant techniques employed in the project.

Proactive Behavior of a Humanoid Robot in a Haptic Transportation Task with a Human Partner (bibtex) [pdf]
  author = {Bussy, A. and Gergondet, P. and Kheddar, A. and Keith, F. and Crosnier,A.},
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  publisher = {IEEE/RSJ},
  abstract = {{In this paper, we propose a control scheme that allows a humanoid
	robot to perform a complex transportation scenario jointly with a
	human partner. At first, the robot guesses the human partner's intentions
	to proactively participate to the task. In a second phase, the human-robot
	dyad switches roles: the robot takes over the leadership of the task
	to complete the scenario. During this last phase, the robot is remotely
	controlled with a joystick. The scenario is realized on a real HRP-2
	humanoid robot to assess the overall approach.}},
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	human partner , human-robot dyad , joystick , proactive behavior
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