This page lists publications created as part of the RoboHow project, as well as a few earlier publications describing relevant techniques employed in the project.

Accurate Evaluation of a Distance Function for Optimization-based Motion Planning (bibtex) [pdf]
  author = {Youngeun, Lee and Lengagne, S{\'e}bastien and Kheddar, Abderrahmane
	and Kim, Young, J.},
  title = {Accurate Evaluation of a Distance Function for Optimization-based
	Motion Planning},
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  year = {2012},
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  address = {Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal},
  month = Oct,
  abstract = {{We propose three novel methods to evaluate a distance function for
	robotic motion planning based on semi-infinite programming (SIP)
	framework; these methods include golden section search (GSS), conservative
	advancement (CA) and a hybrid of GSS and CA. The distance function
	can have a positive and a negative value, each of which corresponds
	to the Euclidean distance and penetration depth, respectively. In
	our approach, each robot's link is approximated and bounded by a
	capsule shape, and the distance between some selected link pairs
	is continuously evaluated along the joint's trajectory, provided
	by the SIP solver, and the global minimum distance is found. This
	distance is fed into the SIP solver, which subsequently suggests
	a new trajectory. This process is iterated until no negative distance
	is found anywhere in the links of the robot. We have implemented
	the three distance evaluation methods, and experimentally validated
	that the proposed methods effectively and accurately find the global
	minimum distances to generate a self-collision-free motion for the
	HRP-2 humanoid robot. Moreover, we demonstrate that the hybrid method
	outperforms other two methods in terms of computational speed and
  affiliation = {EWHA Womans University - EWHA , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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