This page lists publications created as part of the RoboHow project, as well as a few earlier publications describing relevant techniques employed in the project.

Exploring Humanoid Robot Locomotion Capabilities in Virtual Disaster Response Scenarios (bibtex) [pdf]
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  abstract = {{We study the feasibility of having various humanoid robots undertake
	some tasks from those challenged by the DARPA's call on disaster
	operations. Hence, we focus on locomotion tasks that apparently require
	human-like motor skills to be achieved. We use virtual scenes under
	the fully-3D-modeled-environment assumption. The robot autonomously
	plans and executes the motion with a high-level goal specification,
	such as reaching a global position or a particular contact state.
	We assess the feasibility according not only to the robot kinematics,
	but also to whole-body dynamics, non-desired collision avoidance,
	friction limits, and actuation limits. The results --the controlled
	motions-- are demonstrated in the accompanying video.}},
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