This page lists publications created as part of the RoboHow project, as well as a few earlier publications describing relevant techniques employed in the project.

Human-Humanoid Haptic Joint Object Transportation Case Study (bibtex) [pdf]
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  note = {Robohow.Cog},
  abstract = {{In this paper, we propose a control scheme that allows a humanoid
	robot to perform a transportation task jointly with a human partner.
	From the study of how human dyads achieve such a task, we have developed
	a control law for physical interaction that unifies standalone and
	collaborative (leader and follower) modes for trajectory-based tasks.
	We present it in the case of a linear impedance controller but it
	can be generalized to more complex impedances. Desired trajectories
	are decomposed into sequences of elementary motion primitives. We
	implemented this model with a Finite State Machine associated with
	a reactive pattern generator. First experiments conducted on a real
	HRP-2 humanoid robot assess the overall approach.}},
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	de Montpellier - LIRMM , Joint Robotics Laboratory - JRL},
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