RoboHow first integration workshop

RoboHow's first integration workshop will take part in the next week. PhDs, post-docs, and principal investigators from all groups involved in the project will come to Munich to discuss future joint research endeavours and coordinate the work of the first year of the project.

Organizational information as well as presentation slides, tutorial instructions, and some impressions from the workshop will be collected and published here.

The agenda of the workshop will –among others– contain the following activities:

  • discussions about the system architecture and the first demonstration scenario of RoboHow
  • a ROS workshop/tutorial session
  • an iTaSC workshop/tutorial session
  • sub-group work and discussions on conceptual and software interfaces to foster future integration

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone in Munich, and a week of learning and fruitful exchange.

2012/07/09 10:02 · Georg Bartels

RoboHow kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the RoboHow project took place on Tuesday, March 13th, at TU München. With more than 40 participants, it was a very successful meeting and a great start into this exciting project!

The meeting was complemented by a workshop about the different control engineering approaches to be used in the project. Several talks gave insight into the techniques used by the project participants and highlighted their specific strengths and applications. They were complemented by invited talks on the control framework used at DLR for the light-weight robot arm, as well as talks about the OpenRTM framework used for the HRP-2 robot.

2012/03/15 16:21 · Moritz Tenorth

RoboHow robots cooking on TV

On Thursday, 2nd February, 19:05, the German TV show “Galileo” on Pro 7 will show a report about Rosie and James cooking Weißwurst, Bavarian-style sausages. Rosie will be the one of the main demonstration platforms in RoboHow.

After the show, the video will be available from here: As a preview, below is a YouTube video showing the Weißwurst experiment:

2012/02/01 13:37 · Moritz Tenorth

RoboHow project officially started

We are glad to announce that the RoboHow.Cog project started officially on February 1, 2012. RoboHow.Cog investigates how robots can learn novel actions using descriptions from the Internet, combining written instructions with videos that show how to perform the task.

2012/02/01 13:27 · Moritz Tenorth

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