2nd RoboHow Integration Workshop

Last week, the 2nd joint integration workshop of the project took place in Bremen. PhD students and PostDocs from all project partners came to Bremen to work together to integrate their results and prepare the first review meeting.

Participants split up into five sub-groups focussing on different tasks within the project: Importing and representing tracking results from human demonstrations in the knowledge base, executing constraint-based movement descriptions from the plan-based controllers, grasp stability assessment, learning task involving force interaction from human demonstrations and integrating a new type of perception system into the plan-based controllers were the goals of the respective sub-groups.

Besides work on software integration, the workshop also featured scientific presentations and hands-on tutorials to foster knowledge transfer and the mutual understanding within the project. Looking back, the workshop was a huge success leaving all participants excited about the upcoming project milestones. We are looking forward to the next workshop which will be hosted by project partner KTH, in Stockholm.